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Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens after I get my DUI?

    If you get your DUI in Arizona, with or without a lawyer or attorney, you’ll most likely be held in the county jail for 24 hours. Then you’ll be given a court date and an arraignment. You’ll enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, then your case will go to trial. If you’re found not guilty, your case will be dismissed. If you’re found guilty, your driver’s license will be suspended for 90 days. Then, you’ll go through treatment, alcohol screening, traffic survival school, and an ignition interlock requirement. (These requirements vary on a case-by-case basis. For example, the defendant does not always serve time in the county jail for 24 hours and they are not always suspended for 90 days.)

    Why do I have to have an interlock installed on my vehicle?

    State law requires installation and maintenance of an interlock when your driving privilege is limited or restricted after being convicted of a certain alcohol- and/or drug-related violation (see Arizona Revised Statutes 28-1381, 28-1382, 28-1383, 28-1402, 28-1461 and 28-3319).

    I have already reinstated my driving privilege, and I have received an order to install an interlock device. What happens if I don’t get one installed after receiving an order?

    The interlock requirement is effective immediately. Failure to have the device installed and to provide verification to MVD within 30 days from the date of conviction, may result in immediate suspension of your Arizona driving privilege and possible extension of the original interlock requirement.

    What will happen if I’m caught driving a different vehicle without the interlock?

    Upon conviction of driving without an interlock device as required by ARS 28-1464, your requirement to maintain an interlock will be extended for one additional year after your original requirement would have ended.

    What do I do if ordered to install an interlock on my vehicle and I don’t have a car?

    State law requires that your driving privilege remain suspended or revoked until MVD receives proof of a functioning interlock in each motor vehicle you operate, even though you may not be the registered owner (see ARS 28-1461).

    The law requires use of the interlock for at least one year from the date that your driving privilege is reinstated or from the date MVD receives the report of conviction, whichever occurs later.

    If you have no vehicle, or do not intend to operate a vehicle, your driving privilege will remain suspended or revoked until you are ready to install an interlock and reinstate your driving privilege.

    Do I need to notify MVD that I had the interlock installed?

    Your installer will electronically notify MVD within 24 hours of the installation, but you must reinstate your driving privilege. You may show MVD your copy of the Proof of Installation form provided to you by your service center at the time of installation.

    I had an interlock installed, but I received a notice stating that I had not yet installed the device. What do I do?

    Contact your interlock manufacturer, or show MVD your copy of the Proof of Installation form provided to you by your service center.


    Call HoneyBares Auto Care for the installation of an ignition interlock device?

    See Interlock Installation and Monitoring for an appointment.

    Does MVD monitor the interlock?

    Yes. The interlock manufacturer is required to send reports of your interlock usage electronically to MVD. All violations are reported in real time on a daily basis. If those reports indicate a failure to comply with interlock requirements, tampering, circumvention or certain other violations, you will receive notification from MVD extending your original interlock requirement for an additional six to 12 months.

    When do I have to install an interlock?

    The law requires use of the interlock for at least one year from the date that your driving privilege is reinstated or from the date MVD receives the report of conviction, whichever occurs later. (see 28-1461).

    Why must there be a camera and GPS installed?

    The law requires all newly installed, transferred or replaced devices to be equipped with a camera, GPS, and real time reporting capabilities. (See ARS 28-1462 and A.A.C. R17-5-604 Effective July 1, 2018.)

    When will a photo be captured?

    Anytime a breath sample is provided.

    Is the camera taking video of me?

    The camera is required to capture a single image at the time of a breath sample. If the manufacturer utilizes a short video to ensure a clear image of the driver is captured, only a still image is reported on the logs that are sent to MVD.

    Can I get “credit” if I voluntarily install an interlock before my case goes through the court system?

    No. The law requires use of the interlock for at least one year from the date that your driving privilege is reinstated or from the date MVD receives the report of conviction, whichever occurs later. (see ARS 28-1461).

    What happens if the device detects an attempt to circumvent, disconnect, remove or tamper with the interlock?

    The violation will be reported to the MVD and your interlock requirement could be extended for 6 to 12 months. Please see our Certified Ignition Interlock tab.

    How long do I need to have the interlock on for?

    The average time requirement is 12 months. Some violations require longer times depending on the conviction that you were found guilty of.

    Is there any way to have the length of the interlock order reduced?

    Certain violations for first time convictions may be eligible for a 6 month deferment. Certain restrictions apply, including no violations during the first 6 months and showing up to all scheduled appointments. Please contact MVD to see if you are eligible for the 6 month deferment.

    What if my vehicle is registered in both mine and my spouse’s name?

    State law requires that your driving privilege remain suspended or revoked until MVD receives proof of a functioning interlock in each motor vehicle you operate, even though you may not be the registered owner (see ARS 28-1461). Some manufactures may require written authorization from all owners prior to install.

    How much does it cost?

    Cost will be $69.00 or $89.00 monthly depending on your plan. In accordance with ARS 28-1462 and A.A.C. R17-5-614, the service provider will collect $20 for each installed or transferred device. All other fees are established by the Manufacturer and service centers. The MVD does not regulate or monitor any fee above the $20 install fee. See Interlock Installation and Monitoring for information, and choose the one that best fits your needs.

    Why do I have to have the device calibrated every 77-90 days?

    In order to ensure the device is reading properly, the device must be calibrated regularly. If you fail to show up for your calibration at least every 90 days, your license will be suspended and you will be required to start your original interlock time over.

Restricted License

    Am I eligible for a special restricted driver license?

    MVD will send a notice of eligibility to those qualified for the special restricted driver license. Contact MVD to verify whether you are eligible for the special restricted driver license. If you are eligible, MVD will tell you how to apply.

    I have a special restricted driver license, if I decide to quit driving before the restricted license time is over, what do I need to do?

    If you chose to remove early, you will not be eligible to apply for a new license until your suspension or revocation period is over, even if the special restricted driver license is surrendered.

    Over 21

    A person, except an underage licensee restricted by ARS 28-3320 or ARS 28-3322, may voluntarily cancel and surrender the special restricted driver license to MVD at any time during the restricted period. The person must provide us with a completed Driver License/ID Cancellation Request. In order to avoid any additional requirements being added to a record, a cancellation needs to be completed prior to the removal of the device

    Under 21

    A restricted underage licensee who has obtained a special restricted driver license and wishes to cancel must petition the court for permission to cancel the restricted license. If approved by the court, you may surrender your special restricted driver license by providing the court abstract along with your restricted license to MVD.

    I have a commercial driver license. Am I eligible to obtain a special restricted driver license?

    Only drivers with a Class D or Class G driver license may be eligible for a special restricted driver license under Arizona law. If you currently hold a commercial driver license, you must apply in person at any MVD office for a class D special restricted driver license.


    What happens if I fail the breath test?

    The interlock device will not allow the vehicle to start if the alcohol content is more then 0.02 BAC.  The manufacturer will report a failed breath test over the legal limit as a violation to the department. This may extend your interlock for an additional 6 months.

    What kind of violations will cause MVD to extend my interlock requirement?

    You should contact HoneyBares Auto Care for questions or concerns regarding violations. However, you may also refer to any training material or brochures provided to you by your interlock provider at the time of installation. You may also refer to the Certified Ignition Interlock tab of this page.

    I received notice that additional time will be added to my interlock requirement for reports of tampering, circumventing or having a high BAC. Whom do I contact to dispute this action?

    MVD takes action based on information provided by your manufacturer. Contact your manufacturer to verify the accuracy of the information provided. If your manufacturer is unable to resolve the issue, request a hearing from the Executive Hearing Office.


    How do I request an administrative hearing?

    Please see the Executive Hearing Office page.

    Whom may I contact for any hearing related questions?

    Contact the Executive Hearing Office.

    I received an interlock extension order and have requested a hearing. Do I need to keep the interlock on my car while waiting for the hearing for the extension order?

    There is no simple answer to this question. Of course, you must keep the interlock installed until the end of the original requirement period. If you are still waiting for your hearing when the original period expires and you keep the device installed, you will be responsible for the additional maintenance expenses. If you remove the interlock and the decision of the Hearing Office is not in your favor, you must have the interlock reinstalled (at your own expense) to begin the extension requirement.


    If my vehicle has been sold, wrecked or stolen or needs repairs, what steps should I take?

    You should always contact your interlock manufacturer or service center for questions, concerns or clarification regarding removal of the device.

    I have kept my interlock for the time designated. What steps should I take before having the device removed?

    Contact MVD to verify that you are eligible to have the interlock removed.

    Why can’t I remove the interlock one year from when I had it installed?

    State law requires the interlock remain installed for at least one year beginning on the date of reinstatement of your driving privilege or on the date we receive notice of your conviction, whichever occurs later (see ARS 28-3319). You may also contact MVD to determine the date you qualify to have the device removed.

    My removal date for the interlock is next week, and I have been informed by my service center that I had a violation. Can I remove the interlock now?

    Contact MVD to verify if your interlock requirement has been extended and/or to determine the date you will qualify to have the device removed.

    Can I transfer my interlock to a different vehicle?

    Yes. If you choose to switch vehicles or manufactures, once the device is removed you have 72 hours to get the device reinstalled to avoid a non-compliance violation and start your original time over. While the device is removed, it is against the law to drive a vehicle without the interlock installed. Contact your manufacture for swapping options.

    What happens if I remove early?

    A removal is electronically reported to the department. If a device is not reinstalled and the MVD does not receive proof of an install within 72 hours, the driving privileges will be immediately suspended and you will be required to start your original time over.

    I have more then one vehicle but cannot afford or choose not to put a device in all of them. What do I do?

    ARS 28-1461 states that the person shall not operate a motor vehicle unless it is equipped with a certified ignition interlock device. If you cannot install on all your vehicles, it is not permissible for you to drive your other vehicles that are not installed with an interlock device during your requirement.


    Will the interlock lose all memory if the battery is disconnected?

    No. The device has a battery back up to protect the data log's memory. However; due to security precautions to detect tampering, if the device detects a change in battery voltage; such as a ‘battery disconnect’, it may register as a tampering event and recall your device to the service center so the technician may conduct a tamper check and this may be reported to the MVD as a tampering violation. If mechanical services must performed on your vehicle, please notify your manufacturer prior to services.

    What if I am taking medicine with an alcohol base or recently used mouthwash?

    During a training session provided by the service center, drivers are cautioned about common substances that contain alcohol, including mouthwashes and medications. If the blood-alcohol concentration of the driver, as measured in the breath, is over the preset limit, the driver will not be allowed to start the vehicle.

    Can I have an interlock installed on a motorcycle?

    There are currently no companies in Arizona that will install an interlock device on a motorcycle.


    Are there any provision in the law to modify an interlock to accommodate a person with medical conditions?

    No, there are no provisions for exempting individuals with medical or other conditions from a mandatory ignition interlock order.

    I have a medical condition that makes providing a breath sample difficult, what are my options?

    There are no provisions in state law to exempt a person with a medical condition from an interlock requirement. All devices are certified to meet NHITSA standards.  Based on these NHITSA standards, there is a minimum blow rate that is required to get a proper sample.  However, there are  options that one can pursue when providing a breath sample is challenging:

    • Practice starting the vehicle while parked in a driveway or vacant parking lot. You may also seek additional training from the service center.
    • Some manufacturers may be able to lower the volume of air required for their devices as an accommodation. Start by contacting your manufacturer to see if adjustments on the blow rate can be made.
    • If you are unable to provide an acceptable breath sample, you can change to a different ignition interlock device. You should make arrangements to have the old device removed and the new one installed on the same day, if possible. Also, remember that you cannot legally operate a vehicle that does not have an IID, so you will need someone else to drive your vehicle to the installation appointment.